skunks, nuns and dragons: a dialogue en route to Lincoln

(Overheard recently on a train journey to Lincoln:)

“Skunks aren’t real.”

“Yeah, skunks are real.”

“Oh, I thought skunks weren’t real. I thought they were like dragons.”

“Dragons used to be real, though.”

“No, dragons can’t be real because people can’t breathe fire.”


(Sometime later, as Lincoln Cathedral comes into view from the train window.)

“Look! We’re nearly there. There’s that church.”

“Is that where they have the nuns?”

“No, they don’t have nuns in churches.”

“Where do they have them then?”

“I think they have nuns in a chapel.”

“What’s a chapel?”

“I think a chapel’s a bit like a church, but they don’t have seats.”

“So where do they sleep, then?”

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